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Getting Started

Published onJan 28, 2020
Getting Started

This edition of Frankenstein is based on the 2017 annotated edition published by the MIT Press. As a digital edition, Frankenbook also includes additional annotation, multimedia notes, and pages. It also supports the ability for you—the reader—to add your own comments + questions, as well as respond those seeded throughout the text in your class discussion channel by your Professor.

The purpose of this document is to walk you through how to effectively use and take advantage of these features.

1. Help is always available

Before we dive into details, it’s key to note that you can ask for help using Frankenbook by emailing: [email protected]. PubPub is the platform on which this book is produced, and its team is available to help you.

2. Create an account

To write comments and to access your class’s discussion channel, you must first create a PubPub account. Please use your university email address to do so and take note of your password. An account is necessary in order to give you and your classmates gated access to a discussion space.

Create an account here:

When you enter your email address, you will then receive an email to that account, which will prompt you to complete the process. You do not need to fill out a full user profile, but your name is necessary so your professor can identify who is participating in the online discussion.

3. Key tools and actions

For active reading, the key functions are seeding your own annotations to the text or responding to existing ones. The video below shows you how to do both. Annotations can also include media, such as images, video, and audio. Beside this text is an example annotation you can use to practice responding. Feel free to also practice by seeding this document with notes. Notes will appear in the right margin as little bubbles and will expand when you click on them.

4. FAQ

Here are some questions we receive often with brief answers. If there is a question you have about how to use PubPub that is not answered here, please email [email protected]. If you have questions about the novel or your assignments, please contact Professor Raab.

  1. I do not see the annotations seeded by my professor. What should I do?

    If you are not seeing your professor’s annotations, you might be in the public discussion channel. Discussion channels are like rooms set up for your class to have a private space to discuss the novel. To check which channel you’re in, refer to the cover image of the chapter. On the bottom left, there should be a channel name indicated by a hashtag (ie: #public). Yours should say #raab-classroom-spring.

  2. I’m having trouble thinking of something to say in reaction to the text. Any advice?

    Annotating a work can be intimidating. Try to pretend that you’re reading it in print, or read it using the optional print edition available at your bookstore. What thoughts naturally come to mind as you work through the story? Questions or points of confusion you have are often a good place to start; chances are, you’re not the only one wondering. When in doubt, refer to the annotations of the novel’s editors, your professor, and your classmates. Responding to comments is a good way to start thinking about your own.

Catherine Ahearn:

Example annotation!

here is an embedded image in an annotation.

You can reply to this below.